Hack Manchester 2016

Here at evestor we’re building tools to help you take control of your financial life, and start saving for the future. As we're already doing that, instead our challenge to you is to do the opposite.

We were wondering what it would look like if there was an anti-evestor out there.

Our challenge is: build something to help people maximise their spending, minimise their savings, or otherwise make poor financial decisions.

We'll be supplying an example list of three months of a user’s transactions in csv format, though you’re not required to use it – you can make up your own (maybe even use real ones, but you only have 25 hours!) or do something entirely different.

Judging will be based on how fun your hack is, and how much money it has the potential to waste. Extra points if it's likely to crash the economy.

Our CTO Dave McKerral will be your judge, but don't worry – he's friendlier than he looks.

Any questions, feel free to ask him on twitter @davemckerral

The Prizes: An Xbox One S for each member of the winning team

Challenge data avaliable here