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How to score a footballer's fortune

  • The dream of 'spending it like Beckham' could become a reality for the financially-savvy
  • To achieve a footballer's lifestyle, start early and stick to your plan
  • Taking the right advice can help you make the most of your money

The current January football transfer window is set to be another explosive one, with Barcelona having splashed out more than £140 million on Liverpool’s Philippe Coutinho, and Tottenham rumoured to be about to hand Harry Kane a contract worth £200,000 a week.

These eyewatering amounts may be a pipe dream for most, but there are ways to help you get closer to being able to spend it like Beckham.

Always keep it tight

Saving money is just as important as earning it, so take your time and shop around. Once you find an item you want to buy, run it through a price comparison site to try and get more bang for your buck. Every penny saved counts.

Keep an eye out for extra ways to save money. Apps like Vouchercloud use your location to share discounts from nearby shops and restaurants, while Red Laser scans barcodes and compares the price you’re about to buy with other high street retailers, highlighting cheaper options.

Money management apps also help keep track of spending. meandmymoney pulls together information from your current accounts, saving accounts, credit cards and loans - helping you to keep track of your spending in one place.

Make saving your goal

Footballers’ huge wages might mean they have the finances to invest straight away - but you don’t have to be earning big bucks to get into this position.

Start the New Year right by getting a plan in place, and make sure you stick to it. Our research found that less than a third of people who resolve to save £100 a month actually keep it up all year.

This means losing out on a potential £1,200 savings across the year - which could help fund a new car or the holiday of a lifetime. Again, free-to-download money management apps can help you take control of your finances and cut costs.

illustration of a credit card and a football with a scoreboard

Give expensive advisers the red card

Once you’ve got your finances in shape, work out what your investment goals are. Think about how much you can invest now and set targets for how you can increase this.

At, you can invest as little as £1 - so you don’t need to be rolling in it like Ronaldo to invest in big investment funds.

And when it comes to investing, footballers tend to seek expensive expert advice to find the best returns for their money. You don’t need riches to do the same.

So-called ‘robo-advisers’, online platforms that use sophisticated algorithms to invest money, mean that investing has never been more affordable.

The key here is to make sure the robo-adviser you choose gives you the option to speak to a regulated Financial Adviser.

Selecting suitable investments could help you generate considerably better returns than the average 1% offered by traditional savings accounts.

Remember though, as with any form of investment, the value of what you pay-in could go up or down - that’s why it’s important to play the long game.

photo of a manager looking at 3 stacks of coins

Win the long game

Don’t invest cash that you think you’ll need to withdraw within the next five years. The longer you invest, the longer your money has to grow - which could mean a better chance of positive returns.

Footballers may have a Financial Adviser to help choose their investments, but will end-up forking out an average maintenance fee of 2.56% every year.

To put it into perspective, evestor charges just 0.5%.

As this infographic shows, over the course of a 10-20 year investment, that could save you thousands.