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How to save money over winter

  • During what can be the most expensive time of the year, it’s important to save money where you can
  • Cutting back on the little things can add up
  • Top tips on saving money this winter

The winter months can be costly – Christmas presents, work parties, New Year’s Eve - the list goes on! You also might spend more time in the house in the cold weather, so combine this with increased heating, electric and other household bills and it can become an expensive time of year.

That’s why we’ve put together a few handy tips on how you can save money during the winter months.

Saving on your utility bills

A great way to cut costs over the winter months is to try and resist heating your home all day, keeping the cost of utility bills low.

It really can be as simple as sticking on an extra jumper, closing the curtains to keep the heat in or getting some cheap draft excluders to go under your front and back door. Anything that takes the edge off and stops you cranking the heating up.

Try turning off the radiators in the rooms you’re not using, such as spare bedrooms or a second lounge to avoid paying through the nose to heat up empty space.

One of the evestor team even told us that they leave the oven door open after using it, so the hot air circulates around the room and doesn’t go to waste – every little helps!

We’re not suggesting you freeze at home, but just being conscious of your usage can help to avoid being landed with a huge bill!

Avoid the cost of New Year’s Eve

Bars and clubs can hike up their prices for entry and drinks, taxi companies can make you pay double, or even TRIPLE the normal fare and everywhere is so busy! Why not save the cash this New Year’s Eve and make other plans?

Take someone up on that house party invite, invite a few friends for a night of charades and prosecco or just stay in with a bottle of wine and a takeaway. You’ll have a great night with no regrets when looking at your bank account the next morning!

Batch cooking

Hearty soups, warming stews and casseroles – just some of the great winter meals that you can start cooking in bulk now the frost is back on our doorsteps! Making meals in bulk and freezing them until you need them can help you cut back on takeaways and costly last-minute trips to the local shop.

Taking a portion into work can help you cut down the amount you spend on lunch everyday too. Believe it or not, but a supermarket meal deal isn’t always the cheapest option!

Use the décor you already have at Christmas

Hands up, who has it at home? That cupboard or loft space with a broken Christmas tree box and piles of tangled up fairy lights. It might be easier (and more fun!) to go and buy a new tree and fresh set of decorations but it’s certainly not as financially savvy.

On average, us Brits spent around £31 per household 1 on new Christmas decorations in 2017 – a whopping £764m nationwide!

Picture of some presents round a christmas tree

£31 might not seem like much but it may be wiser to avoid that cost and put the money towards a more necessary expenditure instead. Throw on your favourite Christmas album and just spend an hour unravelling the lights you may already have (as annoying as it may be).

Once your tree is up in all its glory – you’ll wonder why you ever thought you needed new décor!

Plan your Christmas spending

Looking ahead to Christmas, we all know that it’s going to be here sooner than you think – that’s why you should start planning your spending early.

From buying the turkey and trimmings for the Christmas dinner, to presents for friends and family, budgeting and getting it done early can save you from a stressful few weeks before the big day.

Make a list of all the people you need to buy gifts for and start noting down ideas and picking things up early to avoid an expensive, panic-stricken, last-minute trip to the local shopping centre on Christmas Eve.

Why not suggest a ‘secret Santa’ between a group of friends or family to avoid buying mountains of gifts? Plus, there’s the added fun of not knowing who’s buying for you! Sites like let you anonymously organise secret Santa for free.

If you’re willing to go even further, why not decide with friends or family to not bother buying gifts at all? You might see them breathe a huge sigh of relief once it’s suggested.

Last of all, knowing the holiday season comes around so quickly, do ‘future you’ a favour and put a little aside throughout the year ready for next Christmas!