Read time: 2 mins evestor HQ

Introducing OpenMoney

Last year we announced that will we be launching OpenMoney in early 2019.

With our launch date looming we wanted to keep you up to speed and give you a rundown of why we decided to launch OpenMoney and how it might affect you as a customer.

I answer the most-asked questions about OpenMoney and evestor in the video below.

Let’s summarise:

  • Your evestor account won’t change and you will still be able to log into your account and continue as normal.
  • The me&mymoney app will become the evestor companion app, and there will be a new app for OpenMoney. It will have the same features as well as some new ones, like our uSwitch partnership.
  • We want to make financial advice accessible and affordable to everyone.

Make sure you follow our OpenMoney Facebook page and Twitter for updates on the app and website launch.