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Our evestor stories: Planning for retirement

  • Staff at evestor share their retirement plans and how they’re saving for the future
  • Lauren has peace of mind now she has a plan in place
  • David’s taking advice to get his retirement plans sorted

In our latest ‘our evestor stories’ blog post, we’ve asked two of our colleagues to talk about their plans for retirement, and how they are working to make them a reality.

They’re both in very different situations, but expert advice from evestor is making all the difference.

It’s part of our mission to make investing affordable and accessible for everyone, and we know our investment products and advice can achieve that. We even use them ourselves!

Lauren’s story: "When I retire I’d like to live in a countryside cottage"

Image of Lauren and her dog outside a cottage

"I always thought the state pension would look after me – that’s what I pay National Insurance for!"

"I’m 30 now, and it was only a couple of years ago when my mum explained that to have the retirement I want, I should enrol into a workplace pension and that my employer would contribute too."

"Then, when I came to work at evestor last year, I asked my colleagues about my pension and realised that the money I had been paying in wasn’t enough."

"Now I make the maximum contribution into my new workplace pension, which is matched by evestor."

"I’ve also transferred my old workplace pension into an evestor Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP). evestor handled everything for me. I just had to sign a few forms."

"I was then able to decide which investment portfolio to put my money into and I can check on it anytime to see how it is performing, which is really satisfying."

"I’ve learnt about compound interest and that even by putting small amounts of money away now it will have time to build up."

"When I retire I’d like to have a cottage in the country with a dog, but I’d also like to be able to travel too."

"I still feel like I’m catching up, but I know that if I stick with my plan then I can achieve the lifestyle I want."

David’s story: "We’d love to spend more time in India when we retire"

Image of david on holiday in India

"I’m 46 and I’ve worked in IT all my life. I’ve had lots of jobs, and I’ve worked in pretty much every industry there is."

"All my life I’ve only ever paid the minimum pension contribution I could get away with, which I realise is a missed opportunity."

"It means I’ve got lots of small pensions. Some of them I’d forgotten about!"

"I get statements every year, but it can be hard to understand what they all mean and I have never taken a great interest."

"I’ve never really had any advice about my pensions either, but since coming to evestor it made me more aware that I needed to get a grip on my situation."

"I’m now determined to take a more proactive approach to my retirement."

"I know my wife and I aren’t going to be on the breadline when we retire, but if we want to live the lifestyle we imagine, we need to manage our situation more carefully."

"We loved India when we visited last year, and it’s a place where we’d like to spend a lot more time without spending too much money."

"We also have a teenage daughter, who will be moving out before too long, and we’d like to be able to support her in some way."

"But time’s getting on, so it’s time to look at this more seriously."

"I’m taking advice from the guys at evestor about consolidating all my pensions into one."

"I think that will make my pension easier to monitor and manage and put me firmly in control of my retirement."