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Our evestor stories: safeguarding our families’ futures

  • evestor employees Laura and Emma share their stories
  • Laura’s mum has found a way to make her savings work harder
  • Emma and her fiancé now have an accessible way to invest for the future

Tomorrow (15th May) marks the United Nations’ International Day of Families. It’s a day that celebrates all that’s special about being a family – something that really matters to the evestor team, so much so, we wanted to share some of our stories with you.

At evestor, it’s our mission to make investing affordable and accessible for everyone, and we’re so confident in our investment products and advice, we even use them ourselves and have suggested them to our families.

Here, our colleagues Laura and Emma, share their family stories.

Laura’s story: “Mum is more confident about investing”

“My mum has worked in nursing all her life. She’s an amazing, caring person and she lives in the north-east where I was brought up.

“She’s 53 now, and she has saved carefully throughout her career to build up a pretty decent nest egg for herself, which she keeps in a bank savings account.

“It pays a good rate of interest, but this is capped at a certain level, and if you want to save any more than that then you get much lower returns.

Mum had never invested before, so she was a bit nervous. But one year on, she is so pleased that she did. Laura, evestor

“I told her about the evestor Stocks & Shares ISA and it looked like a great way for her to make her savings work harder.

“She decided to keep the maximum amount that earned good interest in her bank savings account, and then start paying regular amounts into the Stocks & Shares ISA too.

“Mum had never invested before. She didn’t know how to invest or what to invest in, so she was a bit nervous, but one year on, she is so pleased that she did.

“There were a couple of dips through the year, so she has seen that investments can go down as well as up. But overall, she has made a profit and she is now much more confident about investing.

“And I’m over the moon that she’s building up a nest egg so she can enjoy the kind of future that she deserves.”

Emma’s story: “We have a good plan for our future family”

“When my fiancé Aron and I got engaged nine months ago, we started planning our future together.

“We’ve got the wedding next summer, we both want to have children and we’ve recently bought a home together, which needs some work doing to it, so we knew we would have a lot of outgoings over the next few years.

“Before I met Aron, I’d always been pretty good at budgeting, but I’d only ever saved towards short-term goals and I wasn’t very financially aware.

“My dad had always been on at me to invest my money, not just keep it in a savings account, and I listened, but I thought investing was inaccessible to me.

“I thought I would have to pay big fees to an adviser or spend ages researching the options myself, which seemed risky. But when I got my new job at evestor and got engaged, I realised that I better start putting some money away for the long term.

“At first, I started to test the waters, putting £10 here and there into a Stocks & Shares ISA and a Self-Invested Personal Pension, which helped me understand more about risk and the potential for growth.

“Now I make monthly contributions to my pension and we both pay into ISAs to help save for our future family.

“The more you learn, you realise that the future isn’t as secure as you thought it might be, but now we’re confident we’ve got a good plan for our future family.”