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Our handpicked model portfolios

At evestor, we offer three different risk portfolios to ensure everyone who invests with us feels comfortable and has a risk level to suit their investment goals and experience. Our investment team decide which type of assets will be included in each portfolio from the core asset classes i.e. Bonds, Equities, Cash, and Property. The amount of each asset type included in each portfolio is based on target risk levels.

We use passive index funds for our investments. Compared to the more popular ETF funds, passive index funds are easier to use, simpler to manage and offer a competitive pricing structure.

Our index mutual funds track some of the most well-known benchmarks in their respected markets. e.g. Our holding in UK Equity tracks the FTSE All Share (top 600 UK companies by market capitalisation) and our holding in US Equity tracks the S&P 500 (top 500 US companies by market capitalisation).

We diversify our portfolios to spread and reduce the risk of your investments, rebalancing every 6 months.

  • Lowest risk

    Our lowest risk portfolio which keeps a high proportion of your investment in cash to help lower the overall investment risk, but this does have the lowest potential returns of our funds

  • Medium risk

    Our medium risk portfolio which provides a balanced mix of assets, including low and high risk financial assets, to provide the potential for good returns.

  • Highest risk

    Our highest risk portfolio which invests mostly in equities, to give the greatest potential for positive returns, however it also has the greatest risk of capital losses


Why choose evestor?

  • Keep more of your money with our low fees of 0.52% annually and no upfront cost – invest with as little as £1!
  • Our investment portfolios are diversified and regularly rebalanced
  • Keep track of your investment's performance anytime, anywhere with our Android and iOS app
  • Quick and easy set up with total transparency from the comfort of your home
  • We invest with some of the biggest funds in the world from Vanguard, Fidelity and Blackrock
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Our Fees

We’ve kept our fees as low as possible, less than 0.53% annually compared with the 2.56%* average for a traditional adviser.

If you invest £

£1 £1,000,000

You’d pay £0.00 annually with evestor, compared to £0.00 annually with a traditional adviser

what makes up our annual fee of 0.52%

Initial Fee


Our Fee


Product Fee


Transaction costs


Investment Fee


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