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How we work

First, we ask a series of questions about your financial situation, attitude to risk and investment experience. From that, we can tell you straight away what's right for you.

We offer restricted advice, and so depending on your circumstances, we might advise you to open a pension, and/or ISA or we might tell you investing isn't right for you right now and you're better off building up your cash savings or working down your debts.

Our partners in providing excellent investment services

We only work with businesses who share our passion for great service.

The funds in our portfolios are provided by 3 of the 5 largest asset management companies in the world: Vanguard, Fidelity and Blackrock. They manage combined global assets of more than $10 trillion! The size of these providers not only provides long term security, but allows for competitive costs meaning lower fees for you.

We also work with Winterflood Business Services (WBS). They are a legal custodian of your funds, independent from ourselves. WBS are a part of Close Brothers PLC, which is a £2.5bn FTSE-250 company.

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We're always here if you need us

We know that financial decisions can be stressful and we want you to feel confident with the choices you make, so we're on hand for a chat when you need us.

Your evestor account will give you access to live chat with our support team. They'll be available to answer your questions.

You can also book an appointment with one of our financial advisers at a time to suit you. They can talk you through your recommendation and answer your questions for added peace of mind - at no added cost!

Accessibility, Always

Through our companion app you can see an overview of your investments and their performance, view important documents and messages and live chat with our support team. With more features to come!

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