Our Promise

Giving savers and investors*
smart advice at a fair price

*If you have a penny you are a saver or investor.

Our Mission

At evestor, we want everyone to have access to affordable, high quality financial advice. Regardless of your experience or how much money you have, you should feel confident knowing you're paying a fair price and that we're always acting in your best interests.

The financial services industry has consistently sold poor value products giving poor outcomes to its customers, with costs aimed at delivering high profits for them and low returns for their customers.

There is an estimated 5.5m people in the UK unable or unwilling to get financial advice and those who do have been paying far too much for it.

Our mission is to make high quality financial advice accessible to everyone at a fair price.

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We are getting rid of upfront charges - you keep more of your money from day one.

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Our ongoing charges are less than 0.5% a year - the UK average is almost 5 times this figure! There are no hidden platform or fund costs - these are all included.

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No-one can predict the future so we won't gamble with your money - we invest with the largest investment companies in the world.

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Advice is available at your convenience, not ours. Get financial advice through our online system 24/7, with the ability to make an appointment with a financial adviser.

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We keep things simple. No fancy offices or highly paid salespeople simply looking for the next product to sell. This helps us to keep your charges down.

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We'll always be honest and only recommend investing with us if it's right for you. We won't recommend anything just to make money.

Our Founders

Anthony Morrow & Duncan Cameron

Anthony and Duncan have known each other for almost 15 years. Throughout that time, they have shared the belief and frustration that the UK public are poorly served by the financial services industry.

Before evestor, Anthony had spent almost 20 years in the financial services industry, most recently as a partner at the Paradigm Group. This insight into the workings of the industry has helped shape how evestor will transform the financial advice experience for customers.

Duncan's experience as a founder of Moneysupermarket shows how an industry can be disrupted by using technology and putting customer benefits ahead of profit margins. Years ago, taking out a financial product used to involve a trip to your bank or a high-street insurance broker paying a high commission at your inconvenience. Now, on your mobile phone, you can choose the best product for you at a fraction of the price.

Anthony and Duncan truly believe that the same benefits of change can be achieved within financial services. It's this belief that has driven them to create evestor.

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