Our Fees

How much does it cost to invest at evestor?

We believe it is important to be entirely transparent on how much it costs to invest with us. Fund costs are not charges levied by us, it is the cost to invest in the funds. The costs indicated below include both the Annual Management Charge (AMC) and the ongoing transaction cost for investing in each portfolio. Please note that these fund costs may vary and may be higher than the stated amount:

  • Portfolio 1 fund cost: 0.17%

  • Portfolio 2 fund cost: 0.16%

  • Portfolio 3 fund cost: 0.15%

Along with our annual management fee of 0.25% and the administration fee of 0.10% (paid to a third party), the approximate amount you will pay per annum to invest is:

  • Portfolio 1: 0.52%*

  • Portfolio 2: 0.51%*

  • Portfolio 3: 0.50%*

*This is based on the fees payable as at 18th August 2018

How do I pay the fees?

We accumulate a daily fee which is charged as a percentage of the total value of your investments. Over the month the daily fee is added up to calculate a total monthly charge. This fee is deducted from your cash holdings at the start of each month. You can view these charges in your evestor account under ‘Accounts’, scroll down to ‘Past Transactions’.

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