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Who are Gaudi? What is their relationship with evestor?

evestor have partnered with Gaudi Regulated Services Limited to provide ISA and SIPP products. Our third-party administrator, Quai, arranges your contracts with Gaudi, who then look after the taxation and regulatory reporting of your products. Quai administer these products and evestor provide investment management on the funds within them.

Who are Quai? What is their relationship with evestor?

evestor have partnered with Quai Administration Ltd to provide brokerage, custody and administration services. When an investment trade takes place, Quai place the order with the fund manager (brokerage). Quai also support evestor in initiating transfers, and other administrative tasks.

What is the relationship between evestor and OpenMoney?

evestor launched in April 2017, it offered both an advised & non-advised service. We decided to split the brand and in April 2019 OpenMoney was launched to cater for the advice side. Doing so allowed us to deal with both audiences specifically meaning better products, content and service. evestor is a trading style of OpenMoney Adviser Services Limited.

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