Our Mission

We’re making investing simple and affordable for everyone

We're committed to helping people become financial champions, empowering their £'s and making their money work harder for them.

We want everyone to be able to make the most of their hard earned money. Through evestor and OpenMoney, our financial advice brand, we are helping people feel confident and in control of their finances.

Whether you know what you want to do with your money or need advice and support, we can help.

What we do

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How we do it

We help you feel comfortable and confident with your investments

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We offer a webchat service with our support specialists absolutely free with no obligation – that includes evenings

We keep our fees as low as possible

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We don't waste money on fancy offices or expensive salespeople, this helps us keep costs down for our investors

We keep things simple and easy

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We always try our best to use plain English with no jargon

What we offer

Transfers and consolidation

Already investing? Transfer to us and you may be able to keep more of your money with our low fees!

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Choose your own investments

Already know what you want? Choose a diversified portfolio to suit you. No hassle investments, expertly managed.

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